MEMS Design

As a full turn-key foundry service provider, IMT also offers design and modeling services to complement the wafer foundry capabilities.

IMT designs with an emphasis on manufacturability. With both design and manufacturing under the same roof, there aren’t the common misinterpretations that occur that often lead to delays. We are able to optimize and find the right compromise between design and fabrication. Ultimately, we can deliver a shorter time to market, lower cost and improved product performance.


Specifically, we offer:

  • Design from customer specifications: MEMS, packaging, circuit boards, systems
  • Design for manufacturability: Monte Carlo analysis, design adaptation for wafer processing requirements
  • Engineering and modeling: Test structure design, multi-physics FEA, Computation Fluid Dynamics, magnetics, high-frequency analysis, Spice simulations
  • Ansys full physics modeling software package
  • HFSS