We are a nexus of brilliant minds and unique manufacturing capabilities helping our customers deliver revolutionary solutions in Optics, Sensors, Relays, and Microfluidics by leveraging the power of going small via MEMS and other micro technologies. Learn more about our industry focus below.


Discover our MEMS technologies which empower optical communications, thermal imaging, gesture recognition, illumination, solid state lighting and LiDAR.

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We make MEMS sensors for inertial measurement, gas and chemical detection, biological sensing, magnetics, mmWave spectrometers, pressure sensors and thermal imaging.

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Learn about our standard microfluidic building blocks for molecular diagnostics, drug delivery, cytometry, DNA sequencing, and stem cell therapy.

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We offer custom MEMS expertise for accelerometers, actuators, neural-probes, waveguides, VOAs and everything in between.

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IMT offers the most complete wafer fabrication services, featuring the largest pure-play MEMS production fab in the United States and most extensive suite of tools of any independent manufacturer to meet our customers’ high-volume production requirement and MEMS foundry services.


Read about IMT’s MEMS design and modeling services that complement our wafer foundry capabilities.

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Learn about IMT’s photolithography technologies and leading edge greyscale (3D) lithography.

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Discover IMT’s deposition tools and its wide range of metals and dielectric deposition capabilities.

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IMT offers both dry etching (RIE, DRIE, ion milling) and wet etching capabilities.

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Learn how IMT’s bonding allows hermetic and vacuum wafer-level packaging.

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Read how IMT’s Wafer Level Packaging routinely achieves over 99% hermeticity.

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Discover IMT’s Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) which allow electrical signals to pass through substrates.

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Read about IMT’s backend capabilities from wafer thinning to dicing.

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Read about IMT’s comprehensive testing and metrology capabilities.

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IMT has more than 25 PhD’s and 20+ years solving the toughest problems in the MEMS industry.

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