About IMT and Frequently Asked Questions

Recognized in the industry as the leader in complex MEMS technology and platform solutions provider, Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) offers comprehensive turn-key services from design and development to prototyping and volume production.

Why choose IMT?

Our unique capabilities and flexible customer relationships allow us to build strong partnerships to achieve optimal results.

IMT's fully automated MEMS production fab is built to meet your volume needs on 6" and 8".  Unlike a CMOS fab, our strength is in materials flexibility for metals, polymers, and other materials, as well as experience with silicon, SOI, glass (fused silica, quartz, borosilicate), and III-V substrates.

Most important, IMT is committed to continuous development of the next-generation MEMS technology and process know-how.  We are building a library of platforms and modules to enable our customers to reach the market cost effectively and at reduced development cycle.


Q: When was IMT founded?
A: January 2000

Q: How big is IMT fab?
A: IMT's 30,000 square foot Class 100 clean room occupies our 13 acre manufacturing center with 130,000 square foot of building space.

Q: Can you explain how you communicate or collaborate with your customers?
A: IMT encourages our customers' involvement at every step or as desired by our customers. Each program has a dedicated team of engineers that work closely with our customers, who communicate daily, weekly, monthly, etc., as required. Very often, IMT provides office space to our customers so that they can reside at IMT, especially if their headquarters is distant.

Q: Does IMT take on small programs?
A: IMT's strength is in our production fab and experience to enable our customer.  However, we are committed to proving quality MEMS technology to customers of all sizes.

Q: What certification does IMT have for manufacturing?
A: IMT is ISO 9001:2015 (Det Norske Veritas). IMT has been ISO certified since 2006. IMT is also currently working toward GLP and GMP.

Q: Who is my contact for inquiring about foundry work or to request an interview?
A: Please direct all inquiries to Theodore Chi, Director of Marketing and Sales (info@imtmems.com or 805-681-2852).