Process Development Engineer

General Description

Develop the processes for MEMS fabrication to ensure quality, cost and efficiency requirements are met. Troubleshoot development problems with the fabrication process and take corrective action. Research the purchase of equipment or upgrades to existing equipment. Work closely with management and customers on technical issues and problem resolution. Compile and present data to management and customers during product development and production.

  • Evaluate, implement and monitor wafer fabrication processes and operating lithography, vacuum, electroplating, and wet etch systems for the development and production of MEMS products.
  • Create process flow and DOE’s
  • Create/edit/maintain necessary documentation.
  • Monitor and improve the efficiency, output and safety of manufacturing processes through observations and measurements of data.
  • Work closely with other Engineers and Technicians for quality control.
  • Assume responsibility for safety/environmental issues and ongoing performance of processes.

Work Experience, Education, and Physical Requirements

  • Minimum of 4 years hands-on experience in silicon and glass wafer processing
  • Experience with photolithography and vacuum
  • Desired MEMS Testing methods, SEM and AFM characterization
  • PhD preferred but minimum of a MS/MA in a scientific discipline required
  • Great communication, interpersonal and computer skills
  • Ability to work in both a clean room environment and office environment
  • Must be able to don and wear Personal Protective Equipment as required
  • Candidate must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

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