Maintenance Engineer

General Description

  • Work with maintenance team or alone to identify, troubleshoot, and improve equipment uptime in semiconductor/MEMS fab
  • Work with vendors, field service, and technical representatives
  • Order parts, attend shift pass-down meetings, and communicate daily activities
  • Make database entries to document all work performed on equipment
  • This is a fab position

Work Experience, Education, and Physical Requirements

  • Experience with advanced semiconductor equipment is preferred: e.g., Nikon stepper, Veeco PVD, and STS PECVD, Tystar LPCVD, ICP etchers, SVG/TEL coater tracks, Suss wafer bonders, Plasmatherm RIE, and robotic wet benches
  • Requires 10 years of experience in troubleshooting and repair of complex electromechanical devices
  • Requires wearing cleanroom attire and working in a cleanroom environment
  • Standing for long periods and lifting 60+ lbs is required
  • May be required to wear PPE and be exposed to chemicals

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