Director Information Technology

General Description

We are seeking an experienced, motivated, and hands-on Director of IT to lead, manage and drive corporate objectives through use of information technology.


Innovative Micro Technology, Inc. (IMT) designs and manufactures Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and wafer-level optics for sensing and communications applications. The company partners with innovative customers to solve challenging technical problems and deliver breakthrough MEMS-based solutions. IMT is the largest MEMS foundry in the US, serving customers from its 30,000 square foot class 100 wafer fabrication facility in Santa Barbara, supported by a dedicated staff of over 110 MEMS experts. IMT’s extensive experience spans the full spectrum of MEMS, including optics, sensors, relays & RF switches, and microfluidic biochips.


  • Network Infrastructure: Ensure reliable, high performance information technology infrastructure for all personnel.  Manage maintenance, upgrade and replacement cycles for all systems.
  • Performance Metrics: Provide systems to quickly and accurately measure performance for each functional area of the business.
  • Process Efficiency: Increase revenue and decrease costs of business processes throughout the organization.  Identify, recommend, implement and support new technology solutions.
  • Risk Management: Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities related to information technology; including procedures for data integrity, data security and disaster recovery.

Prerequisite skills

  • Technology Proficiency: Understands detail of information technology solutions in corporate environments.
  • Technology Research: Understands how to continuously research new information technology, and its deployment in high performance organizations.
  • Communication: Communicates with executive management, corporate personnel, peer organizations, and product/services providers at appropriate technical levels for each.
  • Resource Management: Manages internal and external resources, including vendors and freelancers, to provide software, hardware and network solutions.
  • Domain Expertise: Understands business functions of each part of the engineering/manufacturing business.
  • Systems Implementation: Directs the selection, implementation, integration and support of information systems.


  • IMT offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

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