Through Silicon Vias (TSV) and Interposers

Through silicon vias (TSVs) represent critical technology for the future in that they are a key enabler to reach large-scale 3D integration. Because they allow electrical signals to pass through the substrates, they enable smaller device sizes and a reduced signal path.

 IMT has been working with TSVs for years and is producing products today with nearly 140,000 hermetic metal-filled TSVs per wafer.

IMT’s customers use TSVs to reduce routing complexity, and increase integration while maintaining or in some cases, shrinking the footprint.


Copper TSVs can dramatically improve electrical performance – specifically required in the RF world. IMT’s copper TSV technology offers:

  • DC resistance of less than 0.01 ohms per via
  • Insertion loss of -0.01 dB at 6 GHz
  • 15 µm diameter x 50 µm depth
  • 50 µm diameter x 250 µm depth

Based on your product specific design requirements, IMT’s TSV platform offers fundamental basis for optimizing your customized solution.

MEMS Si Interposer

MEMS Si interposer is the next step in multi-layer PCB for 3D integration and wafer-level packaging, enabling electrical connectivity on extremely small footprint.

The interposers may contain complex electrical paths and circuits that re-route and/or re-characterize signals from the micro-device and in turn, interface with additional components or perhaps an entire system.

Lines and spaces are reduced by a factor of 10 from traditional PCB