Etching (Wet and Dry)

Removing materials from the MEMS wafers is equally critical to the ability to deposit materials to shape the materials during fabrication.

IMT provides the precision, tolerance and repeatability necessary to meet our customer’s most stringent demands.

IMT offers both dry and wet etching capabilities, where the process technologies need to be matched to the design requirements.

Dry Etching (RIE, DRIE, ion milling)

Standard and key process technology in MEMS, IMT’s Deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) capability allows anisotropic etching of silicon:

  • Up to 25:1 aspect ratio
  • 90 +/- 1 degree sidewall angle
  • Useful for etching of close-tolerance comb fingers, vias or holes, and trenches

In addition to DRIE, IMT’s dry etch capability includes:

  • RIE for dielectric etching
  • AOE (advanced oxide etcher) for high-rate anisotropic etching of oxide and glass etching
  • Ion mill for non-selective “micro-sandblasting” of various materials

Wet Etching

Having the ability to deposit or plate metals is only half the story. Wet chemistry capability complements our plating and deposition by allowing selective removal of materials.

  • IMT wet etch experience includes the following: Au, Cu, Ni, Si, Al, Ti, TiW, Cr, NiFe, SiO2, Si3N4, Al2O3