The ability to handle a variety of materials allows flexibility in making MEMS.  Depending on functional, structural, and electrical requirements, as well as temperature budget and any backend assembly constraints, IMT offers a wide range of metals and dielectric deposition capabilities.

Our wide variety of deposition tools and experience opens up IMT’s unparalleled material toolbox. This material flexibility gives us the power to accommodate and address electrical, mechanical and thermal constraints.

IMT can deposit a variety of materials, whether thin or thick film. And offers both vacuum deposition and wet chemistry solution of electro and electroless plating, all depending on your application.

Vacuum deposition

IMT has a whole host of different targets under vacuum in multiple production-class cluster tools, from RF and DC magnetron systems to evaporators, LPCVD, and PECVD, as well as thermal oxidation and annealing furnaces.

For Precision Thin Film Metals and Alloys:

  • IMT can deposit: Au, Ag, Pt, Al, Cr, Ti, TiW, W, Mo, NiFe, Cu, Ta, CoFe, CoTaZr, NiMn
  • Semiconductor: Si
  • 8 Angstroms to 1.5 µm for metals

For Thin and Thick Film Dielectrics:

  • IMT can deposit: SiO2, Si3N4, Al2O3, TaO, TaN
  • Up to 60 µm deposition capability for dielectrics
  • Stress and uniformity controls

Wet Chemistry

Electroplating capability enables creating tall structural and functional features, such as molds, conductive coils, magnets, actuators, etc.

For Plating (Electro/Electroless) of thick metal and alloys:

  • IMT can plate: NiFe, Ni, NiCo, Au, Cu, and solder
  • Thickness: from 1 µm up to 50 µm