Wafer Thinning

Wafer thinning capability is a key tool for reducing the overall profile of a device or to expose materials that are embedded in the wafer.

IMT provides the thickness control as well as both roughness and smoothness of the finished surfaces that our customers desire.

The ability to thin wafers is critical to applications that require meeting certain form factors for packaging at the back end of the line assembly, fitting specific thickness profiles. For building more complex layers, the ability to polish heterogeneous material sets simplifies wafer processing by planarizing the surface instead of accommodating topography.

Wafer Dicing

IMT offers die singulation services on both 6” and 8” wafer format. By utilizing a mechanical saw technique, partial slicing to expose bond pads can be incorporated when necessary, a process often refer to as Pad Reveal. Exposure to the bond pads prior to singulation allows for wafer-level testing. Dies are then either shipped on UV curable tape or in individual packages.

Specific Capabilities

Wafer grinding abilities are to +/- 5 µm tool tolerance.

Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Chemical Mechanical Polishing complements wafer thinning capability, which involves planarization and polishing to return the substrate surface to continue down the front end processing.

  • CMP: Post-CMP surface roughness in the nm-range
  • Polished surface can be processed or bonded