Relays and Switches

Low On-resistance switches and relays are at the core of many modern electronics applications, including high frequency wireless communications systems, medical imaging, automotive, and test & measurement systems. Today’s relays are generally large, power-hungry, and offer poor reliability. 

IMT’s MEMS relay and switch platforms offer significant improvements in size, power, reliability and electrical performance over incumbent relay technologies such as reed relays, electromechanical relays, and opto-couplers.

IMT’s ohmic contact relay is a highly configurable platform that can be used to create a wide array of switch arrays (e.g., SPST, SPDT, SPxT, DPDT, etc.)  This building block technology can be used to enable innovative switch arrays that operate from DC to 70 Ghz and higher.


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IMT Relay and Switch Platforms and Capabilities

Cenfire RF Switch Platform

Over the past decade, IMT has perfected the metallurgy and structure for high performance, highly reliable MEMS relays and switches. These innovations serve as the basis for IMT’s Cenfire platform and can be customized for switching applications. It provides the following advantages:

  • Low ohm resistance
  • Ultra-small size
  • Ultra-low power
  • Billion+ cycles of reliability
  • Lower development cost and shorter lead time
  • Can be custom configured for SPST to SP4T

Other Relay and Switch Details

IMT offers the following:

  • DC for Cu cross-connect for DSL application
  • RF MEMS switches for communications
  • 62 M+ working MEMS switches shipped and counting
  • Capacitive and metal-metal contact switching
  • Hermetic wafer-level packaging