IMT Optics 

IMT has helped bring innovative optical components to life for nearly two decades. Our experience spans all manner of materials, structures, and applications, including optical communications, thermal imaging, gesture recognition, illumination, solid state lighting, LiDAR and other types of optical sensing.

Optical customers get a head start in commercializing their product by leveraging IMT’s standard processes and platforms. This saves money, enables competitive advantages, and shortens time to market.

We offer standard platforms and process modules on 6” and 8” wafers to help our clients quickly and cost-effectively move from design to volume production. Example products and structures include silicon optical benches, laser sub-mounts, laser micro packages, mirrors, reflectors, waveguides, fiber blocks, v-grooves, optical switches, micro-lenses and lens arrays.

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IMT Optical Platforms and Capabilities

Silicon Optical Bench:

  • Various features can be etched into silicon using metalization. AuSn soldering can be used to attach components, such as mirrors, laser diodes, and lenses all at the wafer level.
  • After all components are assembled, the entire wafer can be bonded at wafer level to offer hermetic packaging.
  • Thereafter, wafers can be singulated, tested for hermeticity, and shipped to customers for system integration.

LiDAR and 3D Optical Sensing:

  • IMT offers design, development, and volume manufacturing of micro-mirrors, lens arrays, and micro-benches for various optical sensing applications.
  • Our Greyscale Lithography capability enables production of parabolic mirrors and aspherical lenses that can enhance the performance and reduce the size of optical sensing systems.


  • IMT has experience fabricating waveguides using SiN, doped SiO2.

Wavelength Select Switching (WSS):

  • IMT has developed and produced MEMS micro-mirror arrays ranging up to 96 mirrors for optical switching applications.
  • These mirror arrays are used in Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADM).

Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA): 

  • IMT’s mirror expertise can also be leveraged for single 1- or 2-axis MEMS micromirrors with low insertion loss and fast-actuation speed.
  • These high performance mirrors can be found in add/drop switches, 2 x 2 protection/rerouting switches, and optical cross-connect (OXC).

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR):

  • Emerging VR and AR systems require a host of sophisticated optical components ranging from IR emitters, waveguides, all manner of lenses (collimating, fresnel, aspherics, etc.), LEDs, DOT projectors, diffraction gratings, micro-mirrors, micro-displays, and beam splitters.
  • Many of these components can benefit from the economics and precision of wafer-level manufacturing.
  • IMT experience in wafer-level optics, silicon-optical benches, lenses, and micro-mirrors can be brought to bear to help our clients realize the potential of virtual reality, from design through to volume manufacturing.