Applications and Experience

IMT has been developing and manufacturing MEMS products for nearly 20 years. We offer platforms for optics, sensors, relays and switches, and microfluidics, enabling us to support diverse and highly technical applications from thermal imaging systems and optical benches to genomic sequencing chips, nanopumps and cell sorters.

IMT leverages its experience in MEMS design, development and manufacturing to avoid the failures and multiple iterations that lead to increased costs and delays. We’ve made mistakes so you don’t have to, and through this willingness to fail – and an even greater resolve to succeed – we have gained a global reputation for solving the unsolvable.

We’ve standardized numerous processes and offer a multitude of application-specific platforms, sparing our customers years of development pain that we’ve already incurred on their behalf. As a result, we can help get you into production and deliver products faster and more cost-effectively.

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